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Flavia Alemann & Florencia Gradi are two journalists who took their finely honed communications skills and their impressive contacts book and put them to work in the field of public relations.

They worked together since 2002, but they have more than 20 years market experience each. In 2007 they decided to change brand and select new name for the partnership.

Flavia Alemann, partner of ZEN CONSULTING, has a Bachelor in Journalism and another in History. She worked many years in La Nación Newspaper and then in mayor companies such as Repsol-YPF (Energy), Patagon.com, Grupo CableVisión (Telecom) and as a consultant in Carrefour (Retail).
Florencia Gradi partner of ZEN CONSULTING, has a Bachelor in Political Science (Buenos Aires University). She worked in many media before dedicating herself to consultancy (like a Prime Ministry, Labor Ministry, Correo Argentino, SADESA, Farmacity). She acquired a large experience in crisis management and big media events.
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